A Troubleshooting Guide to Split Air Conditioning Control

A split air conditioner is known as a mini-split or ductless split when the outdoor unit gets separated from the indoor unit. The outdoor unit composes of a compressor, the condenser, and a fan. The heat is transferred from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit, blowing it to the surroundings.

Split Air Conditioning ControlThe indoor unit compromises of an evaporator, a fan, and an expansion valve. Copper pipes connect the flow of refrigerant between the indoor and the outdoor unit.

The split air conditioner consists of an ON/OFF compressor where the compressor is either ON entirely or OFF thoroughly. The inverter type compressor can adjust the speed of the compressor depending on the needed load.

Here is a DIY guide to troubleshooting common problems with a basic split air conditioner that will help you to understand more of the electronic part of the equipment.

Alert! You need to have a good electrical knowledge the repairing stuff. It is a best practice to disengage and isolate the power supply when you are troubleshooting the control board. You should probably hire a qualified technician to check your unit.

Main Control Circuit Board

The main control board classifies into input power supply and output power supply. The input includes a microcomputer, controlled integrated circuit and temperature sensors. The output controls a compressor, outdoor fan, indoor fan and air swing. The Ac input in the primary circuit needs to be converted to DC voltage so it can power the drivers and circuits.

Infra Red Receiver Board

To control the handheld remote to send the settings to the controller at the air conditioner there is an IR circuit board that receives the signals. The receiver fits at the front of the indoor unit. And it can be verified by a special sticker that allows the IR frequency to pass.

Handheld Remote Control

It is known as the handset. The handheld board is the place where you can control the AC settings easily by moving your controller towards the air conditioning unit. You can control the Temperature, operating mode, timer, swing air direction, energy saving function, the fan speed, ionizer and the sleep mode. These features are commonly available depending on the manufacturer of the unit.

Common Problems and their Diagnosis:

  1. The wire may get burned due to lightning, short-circuiting of live-neutral or surge of power lines. You need to check whether the fuse, varistor or the transformer burned.
  2. The Air conditioner may not work if the fuse blows, varistor gets heated, transformer burns or the transformer pad lifts. You need to use the test pen to check the availability of power supply. Then use a multimeter to examine the power supply.
  3. The controller may get tripped after a few hours due to over current. Check it by referring to fuse ratings of distribution.
  4. The control may lose sensitivity due to the wrong location of the thermistor. You need to check thermistor to check return air.
  5. The sensor wire loses down if the crimping is incorrect. Check the resistance of the thermistor.
  6. The PCB becomes noisy if the buzzer blasts. Switch the unit off and then test the bell.

These are the common problems with the board and the ways to troubleshoot them.

Do I Need to Repair or Replace my AC? The Best Air Conditioner Repair Frisco Texas Has Answers

We have often faced a predicament to whether we have our air conditioning system replaced, or repaired. Get it wrong, and you might be shelling out, wasting hundreds, even thousands of dollars. If you replace it when there isn’t a need to, you’ll be spending a handsome amount of money for it when you could just have it repaired it for a fraction of the price. On the other hand, if you let a technician fix your A/C and it goes haywire again in less than a year, then you just wasted the amount of money you spent on those worthless repairs. Though a seemingly innocent question, a lot of homeowners are in the same situation, torn between buying a new one or having their old one repaired. Here are few things to consider:

Air Conditioner Repair Frisco Texas

How old is your air conditioner?
Before answering your question, think about how old your air conditioner is. The age of your air conditioning system is one of the most significant factors to consider in making a sound decision. According to experts, typical air conditioning systems last about ten to fifteen years. If your AC is about to go beyond the average, think about buying a new one.

How often do you need repairs?
Aside from your AC’s age, you also need to consider the frequency of it needing repairs. How many times did you have it fixed in its lifetime? If you have answered more than ten major repairs and your air conditioner is about ten years old as well, considering a new conditioner is probably worth the extra money you are going to spend.

Consider energy efficiency.
Did you notice your energy costs going abnormally high? If that is the case, you might consider buying a new one. Newer models are more energy efficient, and they are more environment-friendly than its predecessors. If your old AC system is having trouble cooling your home and making it comfortable, it probably is time to get a newer, and a more energy efficient model. Some HVAC experts strongly recommend having air conditioning units replaced every 15 years or so.

Did a major part go out?
If a major part of your AC is damaged, like the compressor or the condenser unit, it might be worth to think about getting a new one. If your warranty has expired, getting a new one will also put your mind at ease. Some compressors have a 5 to 10-year warranty on their major parts. So if that went out a few years after your warranty has expired, it’s time to think about getting a new one.

These are just a few things that you need to consider if you need to repair, or probably get a new AC system. By rule of thumb, if the cost of the repair is more than half of your AC’s price, buying a new one is a wiser option. If in doubt, ask a professional.

Easy Ways to Make your AC More Efficient, According to The Best Air Conditioner Repair Frisco TX Offers

It is no secret, efficient air conditioners are synonymous to lower energy costs. With the summer heat scorching everything in its path, it is of the essence to have efficient air conditioners and what better way to do it during the spring. Here are a few tips on how to make your A/C more efficient this coming summer.

Air Conditioner Repair Frisco TX

Keep direct light and heat away from your thermostat.
Your thermostat determines if your air conditioner needs to work or not. By placing appliance, direct sunlight and other heat-emitting devices near it, it will think that your AC is not working hard enough, thus making it run albeit longer. To avoid this, you have to position your thermostat away from direct sunlight, lamps, refrigerators, and other appliances that give off heat. If your thermostat is near a window that receives direct sunlight, use curtains, and blinds that effectively block the sun’s rays. You might want to consider using window liners and having it tinted. This will help make your room easier to cool down.

Set the right temperature on your thermostat.
An ideal setting for your thermostat is at 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius. If you crank it lower, it means additional energy costs. You can invest in having a digital thermostat as it is more accurate than those old models. Other thermostats are programmable, and you can set different temperatures at various times of the day. By rule of thumb, those rooms that have less traffic should have slightly higher thermostat settings than those rooms that are busy. Additionally, you can move it a few degrees lower at night to suit your needs since your home is easier to cool during the nighttime.

Improve overall air flow.
Make sure that your AC is getting enough air flow, both on the inside and the outside. Check your condenser unit outdoor and get rid of unwanted vegetation as these can block air flow from around your air conditioning unit. If you have a large room inside, using fans may help in circulating cool air. This will make you’re AC more efficient in making your home more comfortable. Make sure to turn off your fans when you are not in the room. Rearrange your furniture to make sure they are not blocking air coming from your vents.

Let a professional check your A/C system once a year.
To increase the life span of your AC system and make it work efficiently, having a yearly preventive maintenance check should be done. Choose among the best air conditioner repair Frisco, TX offers and let their professionals clean and maintain your unit. Your AC technician will thoroughly clean your unit and make sure everything is working optimally. They will also check for any potential problems and worn out parts and fix them right away.

With an AC system that is working optimally, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary energy costs.

When You Need to Hire the Best Air Conditioning Repair Frisco, TX Offers

Knowing the right time to hire the best air conditioning repair Frisco, TX has is important. Right after you notice the very first symptom of a failing air conditioner, let a professional fix it immediately before it creates other major problems. Here are a few signs that your air conditioner might be failing and needs a technician as soon as possible.

Air Conditioning Repair Frisco, TX

Noises are coming from the AC.
Whether it’s a grinding, rumbling, or a screeching noise coming from your air conditioner, calling an A/C technician should be on top of your to-do list. While there are older AC models that are normally noisy, you shouldn’t ignore anything out of the ordinary. If you hear anything new, trust your gut feeling and better call a professional immediately.

The air from your AC smells awful.
Bad smells coming from your air conditioner is a strong indicator that something is wrong. Musty smells could only mean that there is mold in your system, which could be in the duct or the filter. These must be addressed immediately because this poses a strong risk to you and your family’s respiratory health. If you smell something burning, or a completely another awful smell, let a technician check it out immediately.

Your AC is not giving out cold air anymore.
If you are still uncomfortably warm even when you’re A/C is cranked up to its coolest temperature, there is something seriously wrong with your air conditioner, and it needs a technician immediately. Inefficient air conditioners are big energy wasters and could cause your energy bill to shoot up. One possibility is that there might be something wrong with the compressor. Other than that, your AC might just need cleaning. But regardless of the possibilities, you need to book a technician to take care of your air conditioning unit immediately.

Your air conditioner is icy and leaking.
Do you often find chips of ice around your air conditioner? Aside from the ice, do you notice your air conditioner leaking all over? If this is the case, you need to contact a technician immediately. It’s possible that your AC’s refrigerant is leaking. This should be addressed immediately since certain types of refrigerants are serious health hazards. If your air conditioner is also leaking where it shouldn’t be, check your drain hose and see if it has detached. If you’ve already done that and you’re A/C is still leaking, let a professional check it out as soon as you can.

Your AC is giving out weak air.
If your air conditioner is having trouble giving out air, something could be blocking the air flow. Check the air filter. Have you replaced it according to your manufacturer’s recommendations? If not, clean or replace the filter. If this hasn’t solved the problem, it is time to contact a professional. If you continue using your air conditioner despite the problem, you can expect your energy consumption to shoot up. It is best to call a technician immediately to address this.

These are just a few things to look out for if you need to call a technician or not. But if you see any symptom and you feel that something is wrong, never hesitate to call a professional.

Guide to Choosing the Best Air Condition Repair Frisco TX has to Offer

As a homeowner, you would only want the best for you and your family. In selecting which Air Condition Repair Frisco TX companies have to offer to keep your air conditioners working efficiently, you would only want the best as well. With today’s technology and extensive information from the internet, choosing which company to hire could be albeit daunting. Here are a few tips in narrowing down your choices to hiring only the best air condition repair professionals in your area.

Air Condition Repair Frisco TX

Know what type of service is needed.
Before choosing a company, determine what kind of services is required for your unit. Do you need minor cleaning? Do you need filter replacement? Do you need some ductwork done? Answering these questions will help you choose which company to go with. If you are quite clueless about what kind of service is needed, make sure to familiarize yourself with your air conditioner’s make and model. Make a list of the problems that you have noticed or encountered with your system – this could be poor airflow, leaking, and other possible issues with your air conditioner. This information is useful once you start shopping around for quotes.

Ask for referrals.
This is the best time to ask your neighbor who fixed their AC the last time it broke down. Referrals are trustworthy because your friends have had a first-hand experience with that particular company and they can tell you for certain how their experience was with the professional. If you can’t get decent referrals from friends or family, it is time to check out the internet.

Check credentials, rating, and reviews.
The credentials of a company show how trustworthy they could be. If the company took the time to secure licenses and certifications, it just means that they are capable of doing the job satisfactorily. Having a license just proves that the company passed certain standards in their quality of work. Even if the company you are eyeing on is a referral, you also need to check their credentials as well. Reviews and ratings speak lengths of how the company carries themselves. Make sure to go with companies with good reviews. For your peace of mind, deal with a company that is certified, licensed, bonded and insured.

Shop around for quotes.
Ask for a quote for the job that needs to be done and get everything in writing. To get accurate quotes, it is best if their team can go to your home and provide an accurate estimate.
Most companies offer quotes, and it is best to take advantage of those. If the company refuses to go out and check your system personally, stay away from them. There are a lot of businesses, regardless of their size, that are willing and able to fix your unit. Once you have a quote, have everything written down so you can easily compare.

Gut feeling is indispensable.
Now that you have asked and compared quotes, go with the company that you think is the best. In choosing which one to hire, consult your gut feeling, and it will help you find the right one – provided, of course, that you have checked on their credentials and their ratings.

Air Condition Repair Frisco Pro Tips: Signs that You Need It

It’s almost summer time, and it’s almost time for your air conditioning system to start working hard. It is imperative that homeowners should do a check on their AC systems and see if it is still working optimally or if it needs repair and other major maintenance work done, so they won’t have to face discomfort in case their AC breaks down on them in the middle of the heat. Here are a few signs that your air conditioner might need a check-up.

Air Condition Repair Frisco

Weak air flow from the vents
If you notice that your air conditioning unit is blowing out air a bit weaker than it should, check it out. It could mean that there is a problem with your compressor or the fan. If you have a centralized AC and notice that there are only certain parts of your home that is receiving less air, it could be a possible issue with your ductwork. Better consult a professional for this case.

Unusual noises from the unit
Do you hear screeching, grinding, or gurgling noises when the compressor turns on? If this is the case, turn it off and call an air condition repair specialist to check it out. These problems, if not addressed immediately, could possibly cause even bigger problems.

Smelly air
If your AC is giving you unpleasant smelling air, let a professional check it out. It is best if you stop using the air conditioner immediately. Stale odors could be a possible mold problem in your ducts. You have to stop using your AC as mold could cause respiratory problems.

Unusually high electrical consumption
This sign is a bit tricky to notice since energy consumption normally shoots up during the summer. But if you notice that your electricity bill is over the roof and you didn’t have any new appliances or did anything to contribute to it, it might be time to check on your AC. This means that your unit is working inefficiently. Call an HVAC specialist to perform a maintenance check on your system. Your system might just need cleaning or a filter change.

Visible leaking and moisture
If your AC system starts pooling water where it normally doesn’t, make sure to let a professional check it out as soon as you can. Check the drain pipe if it is attached properly. There might be possible blockages or damage in the internal pipes. If this is the case, call a professional. There might be a possible leak in the refrigerant, which could be hazardous to your family’s health.

Blowing warm air
This is the most prominent sign that your unit needs an air condition repair. If your AC can’t get to a state to get you comfortable, there is something seriously wrong with it. Stop using your AC to cut down on electrical costs and call a professional to address the issue as soon as you can.

These are a few of the most common signs if your air conditioner has a problem. Annual preventive maintenance checkup is needed if you want your AC to work efficiently all throughout the summer season.

Frisco AC Repair Specialists: How to Get the Most Out of your Air Conditioning System

This summer season, with the heat shooting up to triple digits, it is crucial to get the most out of your air conditioning system. With the right tools, proper cleaning, and regular maintenance, your A/C units will function as efficiently as the day it was first installed, and you’ll get to enjoy the maximum benefits and comfort that it can offer.

Frisco AC Repair

Keeping it clean.
Maintaining your AC’s cleanliness, inside and out, is critical to keep it functioning at its optimum performance. Make sure your filters are cleaned religiously and replaced every few months. If you live in a dusty and polluted space, you should be changing your filters more frequently than those living in the countryside. A clean filter on your air conditioning system allows it to run more efficiently. Aside from not overworking your unit, you get to breathe in clean and healthy air.

Keeping your unit’s exterior clean is also significant. If you have an HVAC unit placed outside your home, make sure it is well-protected. Clean the surrounding area and keep it free from vegetation, debris, and dirt. This way, air can circulate freely around the condenser unit. Shrubs, weeds, and other things placed near the condenser unit can reduce the air flow and could make your air conditioning system to function poorly.

Preventive Maintenance
Just before the summer heat starts, it is best to have a professional AC repair specialist check your unit. The professional will check, clean, and do preventive maintenance on your unit and detect any potential problems before it starts causing major issues. Regular maintenance done on your air conditioning unit will ensure that you are getting the most from your home cooling system. Preventive maintenance checks easily lengthen your air conditioning unit’s life span and will make sure that it is ready for the blazing summer heat.

Setting everything right.
Your AC should be functioning optimally if everything is set right. If you have a portable or a window-type AC, make sure the cooling capacity of your air conditioning system is set for the room that it is going to cool. An air conditioning unit that is either too big or too small for the space will significantly affect your energy costs. Make sure you are using the right-size air conditioning equipment.

Aside from having the right size, make sure you also set the thermostat to the right setting. At night, you can increase the settings to reach a comfortable cool. If you have a centralized air conditioning system, you can opt to close the vents on your basement if nobody occupies it. This way, it can quickly cool the rest of your home. If you go out, you can set it at 85 degrees, and just turn it down once you return. It may be quite warmer upon your return, but it’ll just be easy to cool again once you lower the setting. This way, your air conditioner will function efficiently. These are just a few tips to make sure you and your family are getting the most from your AC systems this summer.

Air Conditioner Repair Frisco, Texas: Things to Consider Before Buying an Air Conditioner

Just before the summer starts, the number of people repairing, servicing, and buying air conditioning systems peak. If you are thinking of purchasing a new air conditioner unit for your home, here are a few things that you need to consider first.

Air Conditioner Repair Frisco

Deal with professional contractors who are licensed, insured, and bonded.
The best thing to do first is to choose a reputable contractor for your air conditioning project. Pick a contractor who has all the necessary licenses and credentials to do the job effectively. It would be best if they have the HVAC Excellence certification and the NATE (North American Technician Excellence) credential as well. You’ll also be confident if you deal with someone who has comprehensive insurance just in case something unexpected happens. Ask for a reference and invest the time to call and get in touch with them as well. You’ll be spending thousands of dollars, and it is important that you’ll be dealing with a reputable company nonetheless.

If you can, get at least three quotes from different reputable A/C companies.
To give you a wider array of options, get quotes from at least three reputable companies. Ask your friends for referrals and ask them for an estimate of your AC project. This way, you’ll have several options to choose from, and you’ll also get to compare the standard rate of your air conditioning project needs.

Think about your ductwork.
If you already have an existing air conditioner and you need to replace a new one, then you already have a ducting system in place. Make sure that your installers check out your ductwork first to make sure it is still working efficiently. Best thing to do is to have it cleaned, caulked, and repaired if there are leaks.
If this is an entirely new home or if you have been using window-type air conditioners for as long as you can remember, then you need to have an efficient ductwork set up. Consider the costs and let your HVAC contractor give you a rough estimate on what needs to be done and installed.

Get all the details from your contractor.
A broad estimate without giving much information is shady. Make sure that the contractor will physically check your home, measure the square footage, consider the insulation, and other important factors that will affect the cooling power of your air conditioning unit. All estimates should be in writing, along with all the details.

Consider energy efficiency.
Talk to your AC contractor about choosing a system that is energy-efficient, most especially during the blazing summer season. Air conditioning units that are energy-efficient are those rated with higher SEER and EER ratings. These units could be a bit more expensive than regular air conditioners.

Compare and Negotiate
Don’t be hooked to cheaper AC estimates. Quality work demands a higher price, so be ready to pay for it. Once you have chosen a viable option, try to negotiate for the best deal. Estimates are only rough computations, so try to ask for a better deal. Consider the A/C warranty and the service contract too, and ask what they can offer you.

How to Make your Central AC Work Better, According to Air Conditioner Repair Frisco Texas Experts

With summer fast approaching, one has to make your home and AC ready. Making your air conditioning system run more efficiently without having to shell out a single cent is indeed possible. Here are few ways on how to improve your central AC’s effectiveness:

Air Conditioner Repair Frisco Texas Experts

Protect your home from the heat. For your air conditioning to not work overtime, make sure you are blocking heat efficiently. Use thick curtains on windows that receive direct sunlight and keep them closed. If you have blinds, make sure to use them and block off heat from the sun.

Improve air flow. To effectively cool your home in lesser time, make sure the air flow from your AC vent is optimized. Arrange your furniture in such a way that it will open up the air coming from the vents. Clean vents and vacuum for any visible dirt, cobwebs, and dust. This will greatly help in making sure air passes through unobstructed. If you have a large room, using a fan will aid in cooling your home more quickly, too.
Check your A/C condenser unit outside and make sure there is proper air flow around it as well. Trim bushes and weeds around it and make sure nothing is obstructing it.

Keep heat away from the thermostat. As much as possible, avoid placing refrigerators, large lamps, dryers, and other heat-emitting appliances near the thermostat. This will make your air conditioner work harder than it needs to, thus lessening its efficiency and wasting energy. If you can, switch to LED light bulbs if you have incandescent lamps installed. LED lights are not only energy efficient, but they also produce less heat.

Choose the right setting for your thermostat. To save energy, the ideal setting on your thermostat should be at a comfortable 78 degrees during the day time, when it’s sweltering. At night, you can bring it down a couple of notches since it will be easier to cool your home during the evening.

Choose the rooms to cool down. If you have rooms that have less traffic and is seldom used, close off the vents and close the doors. If you are lucky to have a programmable AC thermostat all throughout your home, adjust the right temperature for those rooms in the house. Your basement and other unoccupied spaces can take lesser cooling than those rooms that are frequently used by your family members.

Change and clean your AC filter regularly. A clean filter plays a significant role in an energy efficient air conditioner. A clean filter will ensure that you and your family are breathing in fresh, cool air. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations and replace it accordingly. Make sure to also clean your filter every once in a while as well.

These are just a few tips on how you can improve your air conditioner’s efficiency during the summer season without having to spend money. But if you have the budget, a yearly maintenance check with a professional is also highly recommended. This will make your air conditioning system last longer too.

Best Air Condtioner Repair Frisco Texas: Purchasing the Best Air Conditioner for Your Home

Whether you want to replace your old air conditioning unit, or you are buying a whole new system for your new abode, choosing the best is of the essence. With the right type of AC system, you can expect optimal and energy efficient operation.

Best Air Condtioner Repair Frisco Texas

Energy Efficient Units
Choosing an air conditioning unit that is energy efficient should be your main priority. Though these units are a bit pricier than those older models, the extra price you pay is worth every single penny. You can clearly see the difference during the summer season, where your air conditioning system is working at its peak. Choose an A/C unit that is rated 14.5 for its SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) and an EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) of about 12. These AC units are optimized to work efficiently without needing much more energy than those rated otherwise.

The Right A/C Size
To achieve the level of comfort that you are looking for, choose the right-sized air conditioner. A system that is rather too small for your home will have difficulty in making your home cool, most especially during the blazing summer season. On the other hand, an air conditioner that is too large for your home is an energy waster. It will cool your home rather too quickly, thus not being able to get rid of humidity efficiently. It will also just cycle off and on repeatedly, wasting even more energy. To get the appropriate size, a professional HVAC specialist should check your home, measure your home’s floor area and the amount of insulation and other considerable factors that will affect in cooling your house before recommending a certain make and model.

Installers and Warranties
Before going with a particular type of air conditioner, be sure to ask and educate yourself about the kind of warranty it offers. Most top-of-the-line air conditioning systems have a ten-year warranty. You might also be surprised to know that there are even systems that carry longer and even lifetime warranties for its compressors. Check your chosen unit and ask all your questions about the warranty before heading home.
Aside from the warranty, you also need to find quality installers to make sure the job is done perfectly. Even the most expensive and energy efficient air conditioner will not do its job well if it is installed poorly. Be sure to deal with experienced, licensed, and insured professionals to install your air conditioning unit. Some manufacturers are even very strict as to who will install their AC system. Alternatively, you can choose a quality HVAC installer first, and ask them what brands they are accredited with and then choose a unit from those brands.

Compare and Select
Ask for at least three quotes from different HVAC professionals and stores to check which one is best. Always ask for a second opinion if you think that the costs are rather too high. Comparing prices will also give you a gauge of how much the standard costs will be. This is also true when choosing your air conditioner. With the help of the internet, you can easily browse through products and their prices. Always compare and check for other options before deciding to go with one.