Pro AC repairman Frisco TX Tips on Air Conditioning Filter Maintenance

There are times when you don’t need to call your nearest AC repairman Frisco TX when all you need is a simple cleaning job. And a part that’s easy to clean in your unit is the air conditioning filter. Remember that it’s necessary to keep your filter clean so that the AC will perform at its highest efficiency. Clean filters also increase the quality of indoor air.

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Remember that a filter is the first line of defense of an AC unit. It’s the one that prevents dirt from reaching the other parts of your air conditioner. Whether your AC is in use or not in use, it’s the one that collects the grime, allergens, and pathogens. Imagine if you didn’t clean this up, you and your family would be inhaling all of these impurities.

It is highly recommended to keep the filter of your air conditioning units clean at least clean it once, in between filter changes. Do note that cleaning a filter doesn’t just involve running it under the water. Read this simple step-by-step guide to know how you can clean the air conditioning filter.

It’s as easy as six steps:
Step 1: For your safety, unplug the unit or turn the main switch off. Remove the components in a careful manner. Using a screwdriver is a must to loosen all the screws properly. Other models have locking push tabs.

Step 2: Remove and check the filter. Do you see visible signs of wear and tear? If you see that the air conditioning filter is already damaged, it’s time to replace it. It won’t be necessary to clean it because a damaged filter reduces the efficiency of your unit. You don’t want to pay the extra electric costs from an inefficient unit, do you?

Step 3: Once the filter has been checked it’s time to clean it using a vacuum. Be careful in doing this step because you might end up tearing or puncturing the filter, which again, renders your unit inefficient. Vacuum the filter to remove the dust that accumulated on it.

Step 4: Create a solution that contains half water and half vinegar. Pour it in a spray type container where you can spray the entire filter. This will kill off all the bacteria and allergens that remain on it. Wait for one hour.

Step 5: There is no need to rinse the filter because doing so removes the sanitizing effects of the water and vinegar solution. Dry the filter using an old, absorbent cloth or towel. Place it in the sunshine so that the remaining moisture will dry off.

Step 6: Place the air conditioning filter back to your unit. Make sure that it’s fitted properly.
When done with all these six steps, it’s time to enjoy the cool, breathable air coming from your air conditioner.