How to Make your Central AC Work Better, According to Air Conditioner Repair Frisco Texas Experts

With summer fast approaching, one has to make your home and AC ready. Making your air conditioning system run more efficiently without having to shell out a single cent is indeed possible. Here are few ways on how to improve your central AC’s effectiveness:

Air Conditioner Repair Frisco Texas Experts

Protect your home from the heat. For your air conditioning to not work overtime, make sure you are blocking heat efficiently. Use thick curtains on windows that receive direct sunlight and keep them closed. If you have blinds, make sure to use them and block off heat from the sun.

Improve air flow. To effectively cool your home in lesser time, make sure the air flow from your AC vent is optimized. Arrange your furniture in such a way that it will open up the air coming from the vents. Clean vents and vacuum for any visible dirt, cobwebs, and dust. This will greatly help in making sure air passes through unobstructed. If you have a large room, using a fan will aid in cooling your home more quickly, too.
Check your A/C condenser unit outside and make sure there is proper air flow around it as well. Trim bushes and weeds around it and make sure nothing is obstructing it.

Keep heat away from the thermostat. As much as possible, avoid placing refrigerators, large lamps, dryers, and other heat-emitting appliances near the thermostat. This will make your air conditioner work harder than it needs to, thus lessening its efficiency and wasting energy. If you can, switch to LED light bulbs if you have incandescent lamps installed. LED lights are not only energy efficient, but they also produce less heat.

Choose the right setting for your thermostat. To save energy, the ideal setting on your thermostat should be at a comfortable 78 degrees during the day time, when it’s sweltering. At night, you can bring it down a couple of notches since it will be easier to cool your home during the evening.

Choose the rooms to cool down. If you have rooms that have less traffic and is seldom used, close off the vents and close the doors. If you are lucky to have a programmable AC thermostat all throughout your home, adjust the right temperature for those rooms in the house. Your basement and other unoccupied spaces can take lesser cooling than those rooms that are frequently used by your family members.

Change and clean your AC filter regularly. A clean filter plays a significant role in an energy efficient air conditioner. A clean filter will ensure that you and your family are breathing in fresh, cool air. Check your manufacturer’s recommendations and replace it accordingly. Make sure to also clean your filter every once in a while as well.

These are just a few tips on how you can improve your air conditioner’s efficiency during the summer season without having to spend money. But if you have the budget, a yearly maintenance check with a professional is also highly recommended. This will make your air conditioning system last longer too.