Frisco AC Repair Specialists: How to Get the Most Out of your Air Conditioning System

This summer season, with the heat shooting up to triple digits, it is crucial to get the most out of your air conditioning system. With the right tools, proper cleaning, and regular maintenance, your A/C units will function as efficiently as the day it was first installed, and you’ll get to enjoy the maximum benefits and comfort that it can offer.

Frisco AC Repair

Keeping it clean.
Maintaining your AC’s cleanliness, inside and out, is critical to keep it functioning at its optimum performance. Make sure your filters are cleaned religiously and replaced every few months. If you live in a dusty and polluted space, you should be changing your filters more frequently than those living in the countryside. A clean filter on your air conditioning system allows it to run more efficiently. Aside from not overworking your unit, you get to breathe in clean and healthy air.

Keeping your unit’s exterior clean is also significant. If you have an HVAC unit placed outside your home, make sure it is well-protected. Clean the surrounding area and keep it free from vegetation, debris, and dirt. This way, air can circulate freely around the condenser unit. Shrubs, weeds, and other things placed near the condenser unit can reduce the air flow and could make your air conditioning system to function poorly.

Preventive Maintenance
Just before the summer heat starts, it is best to have a professional AC repair specialist check your unit. The professional will check, clean, and do preventive maintenance on your unit and detect any potential problems before it starts causing major issues. Regular maintenance done on your air conditioning unit will ensure that you are getting the most from your home cooling system. Preventive maintenance checks easily lengthen your air conditioning unit’s life span and will make sure that it is ready for the blazing summer heat.

Setting everything right.
Your AC should be functioning optimally if everything is set right. If you have a portable or a window-type AC, make sure the cooling capacity of your air conditioning system is set for the room that it is going to cool. An air conditioning unit that is either too big or too small for the space will significantly affect your energy costs. Make sure you are using the right-size air conditioning equipment.

Aside from having the right size, make sure you also set the thermostat to the right setting. At night, you can increase the settings to reach a comfortable cool. If you have a centralized air conditioning system, you can opt to close the vents on your basement if nobody occupies it. This way, it can quickly cool the rest of your home. If you go out, you can set it at 85 degrees, and just turn it down once you return. It may be quite warmer upon your return, but it’ll just be easy to cool again once you lower the setting. This way, your air conditioner will function efficiently. These are just a few tips to make sure you and your family are getting the most from your AC systems this summer.