Easy Ways to Make your AC More Efficient, According to The Best Air Conditioner Repair Frisco TX Offers

It is no secret, efficient air conditioners are synonymous to lower energy costs. With the summer heat scorching everything in its path, it is of the essence to have efficient air conditioners and what better way to do it during the spring. Here are a few tips on how to make your A/C more efficient this coming summer.

Air Conditioner Repair Frisco TX

Keep direct light and heat away from your thermostat.
Your thermostat determines if your air conditioner needs to work or not. By placing appliance, direct sunlight and other heat-emitting devices near it, it will think that your AC is not working hard enough, thus making it run albeit longer. To avoid this, you have to position your thermostat away from direct sunlight, lamps, refrigerators, and other appliances that give off heat. If your thermostat is near a window that receives direct sunlight, use curtains, and blinds that effectively block the sun’s rays. You might want to consider using window liners and having it tinted. This will help make your room easier to cool down.

Set the right temperature on your thermostat.
An ideal setting for your thermostat is at 78 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius. If you crank it lower, it means additional energy costs. You can invest in having a digital thermostat as it is more accurate than those old models. Other thermostats are programmable, and you can set different temperatures at various times of the day. By rule of thumb, those rooms that have less traffic should have slightly higher thermostat settings than those rooms that are busy. Additionally, you can move it a few degrees lower at night to suit your needs since your home is easier to cool during the nighttime.

Improve overall air flow.
Make sure that your AC is getting enough air flow, both on the inside and the outside. Check your condenser unit outdoor and get rid of unwanted vegetation as these can block air flow from around your air conditioning unit. If you have a large room inside, using fans may help in circulating cool air. This will make you’re AC more efficient in making your home more comfortable. Make sure to turn off your fans when you are not in the room. Rearrange your furniture to make sure they are not blocking air coming from your vents.

Let a professional check your A/C system once a year.
To increase the life span of your AC system and make it work efficiently, having a yearly preventive maintenance check should be done. Choose among the best air conditioner repair Frisco, TX offers and let their professionals clean and maintain your unit. Your AC technician will thoroughly clean your unit and make sure everything is working optimally. They will also check for any potential problems and worn out parts and fix them right away.

With an AC system that is working optimally, you don’t have to worry about unnecessary energy costs.